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The profile of the Savan Gypsum Products Co.,Ltd is the network company of Santiphab Sangkasi Lao Co.,Ltd. That was initiated since 2007 which have raw material source and gypsum mining is in Luamakkha village, Champhone district, Savannakhet province, in the area an exploitation 436 ha or 4,360,000 m2.

The Savan Gypsum Products Co.,Ltd is Lao people ownership in 100% which products the goods by using the mineral gypsum in processing in first plant of Lao PDR that is international standard usage modern technology.

The Savan Gypsum Products Co.,Ltd since 2010 backward had studied on feasibility, its trend in using mineral gypsum in processing to be instant products to serve the society. To replace import-export to neighbor counties. therefore, the managers had decision to build a processing plant its name: The Savan Gypsum Products Co.,Ltd.






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